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Henan Everwin's Aluminum Sheet Sorting And Manufacturing Process


[China Aluminum Industry Net] With the rapid development of economic construction and the wide application of aluminum products, the aluminum processing industry in China has also achieved remarkable results. The output of aluminum rolled material and aluminum rolled material has also been greatly improved. The improvement. Although aluminum has been flooded in all aspects of our lives, many people still know little about how aluminum sheets are sorted and how they are made.

Anodized aluminum plate

Generally speaking, aluminum plate is just a kind of general name and refers to aluminum plate material made of aluminum or aluminum alloy material. The classification of aluminum plates is determined by the different processing methods used in the production of aluminum materials. The aluminum plate is made by the process of heating, rolling, straightening, and solid solution heat aging.

Brushed aluminum sheet

First, embossed aluminum:

The embossed aluminum plate is an aluminum plate that is subjected to rolling and other processing on the basis of the aluminum plate so as to form various patterns on the surface of the aluminum plate. Embossed aluminum is mainly used in packaging, integrated ceiling, building curtain wall and so on.

Second, brushed aluminum:

There are three parts in the main process flow for drawing aluminum plates, which are de-esterification, sand mill and water wash. Aluminum plate material in the drawing process, the first use of sandpaper repeated rubbing line processing, after processing the aluminum surface will clearly show a root of fine silk marks, so as to achieve the effect of metal wire drawing, and then go through the anode Treatment, this will produce a film layer containing a special metal composition on the surface of the aluminum plate, can play a role in protection against corrosion.

Third, anodized aluminum plate:

The anodized alumina plate is formed through an electrolytic oxidation process. First, the aluminum plate is placed in the electrolyte as an anode, and then the current is applied to the electrolytic oxidation process under certain conditions, so that a thin layer of aluminum oxide can be formed on the surface of the aluminum plate later. This seems to be very simple, but in fact the general aluminum production process adopted by ordinary aluminum enterprises in China, the process is more complex, and the defective rate is also relatively high.

Fourth, mirror aluminum:

Mirror aluminum plates need to be processed by rolling techniques, as well as grinding and other methods, in order to make the surface of the aluminum plate show a mirror effect. The mirror aluminum production in developed countries generally adopts rolling methods to manufacture coiled materials.

Aluminum plates can be formed into a variety of aluminum plates through different processing methods. The quality of the aluminum plates determines the quality of the aluminum plates and the quality of the grades.

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